WebMaster Details

You've just clicked the WebMaster button that normally opens your email program addressed to 2shorts@iinet.net.au   If you didn't recognise the e-mail address it may well put you off contacting me about your Entry web site.

My name is Rick Short from the 43rd Clk Secs. I've lived in Perth, Western Australia for more than 43 years and I started the 43rd site in '98 - I think!   In '03 the late Brian Morrison asked me to set up a 44th site, in '07 Keith Harden asked me to set up the 42nd site and in Nov '09 Roland Brade thought it time for me to update the 41st site.

As far as I'm concerned Entryism is long dead.  I hope that you enjoyed your Entry site and hopefully have something to contribute.